WITCHERY nuevo video online

«Aquí tenéis un vídeo nuestro tocanmdo en el Metaltown de Gothenburg a principios de verano. ¡¡Fue el primer concierto de Witchery en 7 u 8 años!!» Jensen

«This is thrilling, balls-out stuff; perfectly paced and executed, and bursting at the seams with memorable riffs, hooks and moments of leering intensity!” Metal Hammer UK, 8 of 10 points

«A rip-roaring slap of thrashy speed metal mayhem. Erik ‘Legion’ Hagstedt’s arrival to replace Tony ‘Toxine’ Kampner on vocal duties has done the five-piece no harm at all, as his gravely, throaty delivery gives tongue-in-cheek anthems like ‘Conqueror’s Return’ and the ridiculously named ‘From Dead To Worse’ a nice bit of grit to offset the subtler rock’n’roll elements that have been a mainstay of the band since their 1998 debut.» Terrorizer UK 8 of 10 points

«True to form, Witchkrieg is a full-on, all-out assault as relentless in its brutality as it is coldly efficient and ruthlessly concise. At times tipping over into borderline death metal territory, this is thrash dealt out with surgical precision only Slayer achieved in the genre’s 80s heyday.» Decibel US, 8 of 10 points

«Beyond the excellence of the writing, ‘Witchkrieg’ recaptures the spirit of those early albums, albeit with a better production. It’s nasty, nefarious, and ferociously thrashing. At the end of the day, that’s what WITCHERY is all about. This is mandatory.» Blabbermouth.net (8,5 of 10 points, User rating 8,2 of 10)

«A blistering blitzkrieg of blastbeats, bellowing, and beatdowns, it’s hard to deny that this is some damn fine death metal.» Outburn US, 8 of 10 points

«With ex-Marduk vocalist Legion taking over the mic, tracks like ‘Conqueror’s Return’ show us just how brutal Witchery have become, eschewing their thrashy past and going for a full on death/black metal assault.» Big Cheese UK, 4 of 5 points

WITCHERY online: